Septic Tanks and Environmental

septic tank installedDr Drain now construct and repair septic tanks, from making an inspection hatch to building an entire new system.
We do not empty septic tanks as all local councils have an excellent and cost effective emptying service, please telephone us if you need more information. septic tank trenchDr Drain will, in exceptional circumstances, empty some of the clean water from the soakaway chamber of the septic tank to permit immediate use of the drainage system.

Dr Drain stock micro-biological cess-pit enzymes to balance the Bio-culture in the septic tanks, also our micro-biological MS cleaner enzyme to prevent organic waste, grease and fat build up in your pipes.

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New septic tanks or soakaways
Repairs or modification to existing installations
Environmentally friendly enzymes to keep septic tanks working properly
MS cleaner enzyme for kitchen and bath pipes

Telephone Numbers for Department of Saneamento for the 16 councils in the Algarve and prices to empty fossas.

24 Hours a day 365 days year with never an overtime or out of hours charge.