Pipe Location

pipe loc1Dr Drain offer a pipe location service as many access chambers, which are prone to root ingress and deterioration over time, are buried with no indication of their location. Normally to comply with local by-laws, any pipe junction or change of direction will be made inside an inspection chamber.

We offer radio based pipe location services to identify where the pipes run and where the hidden junctions or inspection chambers are located, particularly as the only successful way for root removal is by opening these to allow complete cleaning.pipe loc2

If you are contemplation renovations or construction, pipe location can help with planning your project to avoid future problems, for example if underfloor heating has been installed over a hidden inspection chamber.

We can locate:

Inspection Chambers
Drain Pipes
Rainwater Pipes
Septic Tanks
24 Hours a day 365 days year with never an overtime or out of hours charge.